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  • Step One

    You fill in the details and order your Digi Card.

  • Step Two

    We email you with a password reset link, and you login.

  • Step Three

    You Build your link while we print your custom card.

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Why Choose The Digi Card

With our cards, you'll never need to print another card again. Just order a card, and we will set up your account and print your card. Once you are set up, you can change the links yourself for an instant change to your online link. No waiting for someone to reprint 1000 cards with new details.

The Digi Card Business Card

This is a card developed for any business to show a general page with your business details. You get one link, no matter how many you order.

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The Business Cards Package

We need more links!!! This option is for those who wish to have different links for multiple people. For example, a separate link for a CEO, a manager, and an employee. Contact us for further details on our package deals.

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Want A Digi Link On Your Domain?

We can get your links on your domain to really make you stand out. If you want a more bespoke design and or link contact us today.

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Show the world you mean business with one of our digital cards

  • Recycled Material

    Our cards are made from 100% recycled materials because we care about the planet.

  • All In House

    We will print your card and send it out to you. We can also Design your logo for you.

  • NFC

    Our cards use NFC technology, which is used in most smart phones across the world.

  • QR Codes

    When we design and print your card, we add a QR code as a back up to the NFC chip.