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Digi Card Business Card

Digi Card Business Card

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Bring your business card to life with a digital touch. With the Digi Card, there's no need to print 1000 cards; you only need one. Tap the user's phone or scan the QR code to show them your business card. With a button click, someone can interact with you instantly; no more typing out a URL or email or number.

Instantly update your Digi Card link using your personal account linked to your card; no waiting for a printer to send you a new card. The online link will change, and you will have the same card with different online details, meaning you need one card for life.

NOTE: If you buy multiple, you get multiple cards with the same link on them. Not what you're looking for? Contact us if you require multiple links and multiple cards.


Step One

You fill in the details and order your Digi Card.

Step Two

We email you with a password reset link, and you log in.

Step Three

You build your link while we print your custom card.

What you can add to your card:

Website Links
Social media eg., Facebook, Instagram
Files for flyers, catalogue etc.

Here is our demo website best viewed on mobile, as that's what it will be seen on 99% of the time.

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Show the world you mean business with one of our digital cards

  • Recycled Material

    Our cards are made from 100% recycled materials because we care about the planet.

  • All In House

    We will print your card and send it out to you. We can also design your card for you.

  • NFC

    Our cards use NFC technology, which is used in most smart phone across the world.

  • QR Codes

    When we design and print your card, we add a QR code as a back up to the NFC chip.